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The Story of Accident Chiropractic


It all began when I was young. While playing sports one day, I saw my friend badly injured on the field. Many of my other friends just paused for a good laugh; I ran over to help. The injury was pretty severe, my friend wasn’t able to walk due to the pain. This was prior to cell phones, so there was only one thing to do. I helped him up to lean on me, and I was happy to be his crutch to bring him home. I learned something about myself that day. I discovered that helping injured people in their moment of need felt good. I learned that it was an integral part of who I was.

As Accident Chiropractic has taken on a life of its own, I take pride in facilitating an environment that patients and my staff love coming to and a safe place for patients to explore their healing path.

– George Cluen (Owner)


Understand Our Patients’ Injuries and their objectives

Create Treatment Plans That accelerate The Healing Process

Utilize Several Different Treatments to Improve Patient Outcomes

Recognize The Legal Needs Of Our Patients’ And Their Attorneys

Educate Patients To Help Them Not Become Victims Of Insurance Tactics

Teach Self-Care So Patients Can Avoid Re-Injury After Treatment

Document Injuries Correctly To Maximize Settlements For Our Patients

Why Accident Chiropractic?

Not getting treatment at all or getting treatment from the wrong clinic after an auto accident can leave you with chronic pain, debts from unpaid medical bills leading to bad credit and/or unfair settlement for your pain and future medical expenses You run all of these risks when you choose a clinic or doctor who is not specialized and experienced in handling this type of injuries.

Here are the differences between Accident Chiropractic and other clinics:

Accident Chiropractic

  1. We are the largest and most diverse chiropractic group in the Northwest with 14 locations. Our professional staff speaks 10 different languages.
  2. Our motto is focus like a laser beam. Our entire team of doctors and staff focus on only handling auto accident claims and injuries, making us the expert in handling these type of injuries.
  3. We answer all your questions from A-Z. We will guide you through the insurance claim process to help you stay in compliance with your insurance claim. That will improve your chance of getting your bills paid.
  4. We use scientific based methods to examine and treat your injuries, using images like X-rays, MRI and ultrasound to accurately diagnosed and treat an injury.
  5. We have extended clinic hours to accommodate your busy schedule.
  6. We understand your problems and care about you to do the right thing. We are here to help you find solutions. Our chiropractors have helped thousands of people who were hurt in auto accidents just like you.
  7. We have spent many years cultivating great relationships in the community so that we can make confident recommendation for respectable body shops, attorneys and insurance agents to help you with car repairs, settling your claim and to better protect yourself and your assets

Other Clinics

  1. Other clinics are smaller and have less resources and experience in handling insurance claims.
  2. They accept and treat all type of cases, not having the expertise in separating the distinct differences in auto accident injuries. They claim that would hurt your claim and mis-manage the injuries, leaving you with chronic pain and possibly unpaid medical bills and debts.
  3. Other clinics don’t have in-depth specialized training in treating and managing auto accident claims. They rarely use imaging and rarely co-manage with other providers like your medical doctor or specialists.
  4. They have normal business hours which mean you have to miss work to get treatment.
  5. Most of the time, they will not go above and beyond to help you with the insurance claim process if it has nothing to do with their business.

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