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Chiropractic Treatment to Help Defeat Pain

Chiropractic Treatment in Yakima, WA: Accident Chiropactic provides patients of all ages with a non-surgical alternative to healing pain and injury. We take a whole person approach by addressing the underlying causes of pain and injury. We utilize state-of-the-art equipment and treatment therapies to provide the correct care.

Diversified/Manual Manipulation at Accident Chiropractic

This technique is the most common technique performed by chiropractors at Accident Chiropractic and typically results in a “pop”. The patient is positioned in a way that easily allows the chiropractor to impart proper motion back into restricted joints. This what the general public most commonly associates with chiropractic treatment. This Technique can be performed more gently for elderly patients.

Physiological Effects of Spinal Manipulation

  1. Activation of joint and soft tissue mechanoreceptors accentuated by pressure changes occurring with cavitation.
  2. Release of beta-endorphins which help modulate pain.
  3. Reduction of muscle spasm resulting in the abortion of aberrant somato-somatic and somato-visceral reflexes.
  4. Decreased irritation or slight compression which allows for reduction of denervation supersensitivity.
  5. Temporary reduction in compression may positively affect axoplasmic transport dysfunction.
  1. Manipulation directs mechanical stresses to the soft tissue through osseous levers, resulting in a more orderly arrangement of the fibrous soft tissue.
  2. Improves joint mobility by the reduction of fibrous adhesions.
  3. Improves joint mobility by freeing entrapped or extrapped synovial villi.
  4. Manipulation separates the articular surfaces, potentially replacing a displaced nuclear fragment and restoring joint mobility.
  5. An increase in joint motion after cavitation from the compression of the synovial gas bubble between the articular surfaces.

Activator Provided at Our Clinic

Activator is a hand-held, spring loaded chiropractic instrument. It is a small device that delivers a lighter, but quicker thrust than being delivered manually. The Activator is most often used as an alternative method for patients who may not desire the diversified, manual manipulation adjustment.

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